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Picture yourself...

Effortlessly conversing in your target language

Understanding and being understood by native speakers

Expressing yourself with confidence and fluency

Forming meaningful connections with friends abroad

Seamlessly navigating different language settings

Travelling with ease and connecting with new cultures

The question is though, how do you make this a reality?


Through Language Coaching, I will provide you with valuable knowledge and practical tools to accelerate your language learning progress and ensure that you have the necessary skills and mindset to achieve your goals!

Learning Journey

Climb the Ladder to Language Mastery

In this session, we will explore the concept of the Conscious Competence Ladder, which illustrates the stages of learning and skill development. We will discuss where you currently stand on the ladder and exactly how to level up!


By understanding the learning journey, you will gain valuable insights into your progress, challenges, and the path ahead.

Therapy Season

Psychology of Learning

Unlocking the Mindset for Success

This session focuses on the psychological factors that influence language learning. We will delve into topics such as motivation, mindset, and overcoming limiting beliefs.


By addressing these psychological factors, we can unlock your full potential and create a positive and empowering learning environment.

Neuroscience Insights

Understand how you best learn

Understanding how the brain learns can significantly enhance your language acquisition journey. In this session, we will explore neuroscience insights related to language learning.


You will gain a deeper understanding of how your brain processes and retains information, allowing you to leverage this knowledge to optimise your learning strategies.

Working on laptop
Man Using a Tablet

Effective Goal Setting

The roadmap to achieve your goals

Setting clear and achievable goals is crucial for language learning success. In this session, we will work together to define what I call SMARTER goals.


We will also discuss strategies to stay motivated and accountable throughout the goal-setting process, ensuring that you are consistently progressing towards your language learning objectives.

Immersion & Resources

Accelerate learning with the right tools

In this session, we will explore different immersion methods, discuss how to maximise the use of resources , and explore study techniques tailored to your learning style.


You will gain practical strategies to make the most of your language learning resources and optimise your study sessions.

Traveling Abroad

Unlock your potential and reach your goals with personalised 1:1 coaching

6 x 45 minute coaching sessions

I will guide you through the coaching process, offering expert guidance, support, and feedback to help you make significant progress in your language journey.

Additional resources & worksheets

These resources and worsheets are designed to complement our sessions and offer you additional practice and exploration at your own pace.

Weekly accountability check-ins

Creating a structured and supportive framework that keeps you accountable and ensures that you stay on track throughout the coaching program.

The investment for this coaching engagement is £600.00

(Accepting payment plans)

Book the first session FREE

I'm excited to offer you the opportunity to experience the power of coaching firsthand with a FREE first session.

That's right, your first session is on me!

Language learning can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but with the guidance and support of a skilled coach, you can unlock your full potential and make remarkable progress.


Together, we develop personalised strategies and techniques tailored to your unique learning styles and goals. By focusing on four key areas, I will support you in building greater confidence, resilience, consistency and motivation throughout your language learning journey. My coaching approach goes beyond traditional methods, drawing from the power of neuroscience and psychology to create a holistic learning experience.


This complimentary session will give you a taste of how powerful coaching can be in transforming your language learning experience.


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Native Language: English

Target Language: Spanish 

Problem: Self-limiting beliefs

Solution: Language Coaching

What was the problem you were having before you discovered my language coaching programme?

"The problem I was having was my limiting mindset and strict definitions of fluency which made me highly self critical and nervous to speak to native speakers. I believed that I should be further ahead than I was because of how long I had been learning Spanish and there were also underlying levels of shame and fear, as a heritage language learner."

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?

"A mix of relief and appreciation in the unpacking and headache to believe in the new mindsets."

What was different about my language coaching programme?

"You had a journey and story very similar to mine. One thing that the LL community lacked for me was the perspective of a heritage speaker/learner and to find someone who had a similar story to me and was successful in learning, speaking and maintaining Spanish was inspiring. Also, your programme looked at language learning holistically and not just from a technique perspective, which really intrigued me."

Take me to the moment when you realised my programme was actually working to solve your problem.

"When we did our 7 levels deep session and we began to unpack my aversion to learning my heritage dialect and my feelings of unworthiness when it came to claiming my own heritage. It was a lightbulb moment that put words to a feeling I had only been able to label as “fear” up until that point."

Tell me what life looks like now that your problem is solved or being solved.

"I feel a lot more proud of all that I have accomplished in Spanish thus far and no longer use my correct use of the language as a measuring stick of my “Cuban-ness”. I am able to enjoy regular use of the language and don’t see mistakes as invalidating of all the progress that I have made so far. Overall, there is a lot more freedom and fun learning."

Feeling like an imposter and doubting your abilities?

Book your FREE langugae coaching session

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Native Language: English

Target Language: Italian and Arabic 

Problem: Overwhelmed and burntout

Solution: Language Coaching

What was the problem you were having before you discovered my language coaching programme?

"Feeling all over the place and not having anything organized. Feeling lost to the point of having no idea where to start "cleaning up." Near the point of total burnout without realizing it."

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?

"It felt like piling on more generic brand bandaids that a) weren't solving the problem and b) kept falling off. Many resources are great for helping people learn 1 (or even 2) languages, but I haven't found any that really work for my brain when it comes to maintaining and learning several languages."

What was different about my language coaching programme?

"You take a very holistic approach that sees the client as a whole person, which I really value. It's a very no-judgment environment. You also follow up with the client after the program ends."

Take me to the moment when you realised my programme was actually working to solve your problem.

"The roadmap. I am very concrete (no abstract) and so, while creating the roadmap can be exhausting (sort of on me since I have a bunch of languages, but also not since many of them just kind of happened), I also really appreciate having a place to store all the resources and create a sort of plan for how to get there."

Tell me what life looks like now that your problem is solved or being solved.

"As you know, I realized I had burnout shortly after finishing the program and then I went on vacation, so I wouldn't say the problem is solved. I do feel more calm and focused (which I attribute not just to the program but also to the break). If I need the whole rest of the year to finish up the roadmap, then that's okay because I would rather go slowly and do it well and have a solid plan for 2024 than try to rush and put myself back in the spot I was in a few months ago."

Overwhelmed and burnt-out from too much information?

Book your FREE langugae coaching session

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