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How to Use Netflix to Learn a Language

Imagine transforming your Netflix binge-watching sessions into dynamic language learning experiences. Sounds intriguing, right?

Netflix, with its vast array of international content, is not just a source of entertainment but a goldmine for language learners.

In this blog post, we'll explore how to use Netflix effectively to master a new language, drawing from real stories and proven strategies.

Immersive Language Exposure

Netflix’s diverse collection of international shows and movies provides an immersive experience. Watching content in your target language exposes you to authentic dialogue, slang, and cultural nuances. For instance, Ana, a Spanish learner, improved her conversational skills by watching "La Casa de Papel," picking up colloquial phrases and the Spanish accent.

Actionable Step: Choose shows or movies in your target language. Use subtitles initially, then gradually switch to listening without them.

Engaging with Varied Content

Diverse genres on Netflix cater to different interests and learning stages. If you're a beginner, start with children's shows for simpler vocabulary. As you advance, explore documentaries, dramas, and more. John, an intermediate French learner, watched "Chef's Table: France" to combine his love for cooking with language learning.

Actionable Step: Select content matching your proficiency level and interests. It keeps the learning process enjoyable and relevant.

Consistent Practice with Daily Episodes

Consistency is key in language learning. Watching a short episode daily can be more effective than a long movie weekly. Sarah, learning Korean, dedicated 30 minutes daily to watching "Crash Landing on You," significantly improving her listening skills.

Actionable Step: Schedule a regular Netflix language learning session. Even a 20-minute episode can make a difference.

Active Engagement Over Passive Watching

Active watching involves pausing, repeating, and analyzing dialogues. Use the 'Language Learning with Netflix' Chrome extension for an interactive experience. It allows you to view subtitles in two languages, slow down the audio, and more. Mark, an Italian learner, used this method with "Suburra" and enhanced his understanding of complex sentences.

Actionable Step: Engage actively with the content. Pause, repeat, and analyze dialogues for better comprehension.

Conversation and Cultural Fluency

Netflix shows offer cultural insights that textbooks can't provide. Understanding cultural contexts improves conversational fluency. Emily, who studied Japanese, gained deeper cultural understanding by watching "Midnight Diner," which helped her in real-life conversations in Japan.

Actionable Step: Note cultural references and idioms. Discuss them with language partners or tutors to deepen your understanding.

My Personal Favourites

La Reina del Flow – A Journey through Music and Drama

La Reina del Flow, set in the vibrant world of reggaeton music, offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a diverse range of Colombian Spanish dialects and slang. The show’s plot, revolving around love, betrayal, and the dynamic music industry, serves as an engaging backdrop for language learning. As you navigate through the gripping storylines, you encounter conversational Spanish, street language, and specific jargon related to music and the entertainment industry. This series can significantly enhance your listening skills and understanding of colloquial Spanish.

Actionable Step: Pay attention to the lyrics of the songs featured in the show. They are often filled with everyday expressions and cultural references that enrich your vocabulary and understanding of Spanish-speaking societies.

La Reina del Sur – Exploring Diverse Spanish Accents

La Reina del Sur, known for its thrilling plot and complex characters, is also a treasure trove for language learners. The show features a variety of Spanish accents and dialects, providing you with exposure to the linguistic diversity within the Spanish-speaking world. The protagonist's journey through different countries highlights regional variations in the language, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

Actionable Step: Focus on the differences in accents and phrases as the characters move between countries. Try mimicking these accents to improve your pronunciation and gain confidence in speaking Spanish with various intonations.

Betty en Nueva York – A Modern, Bilingual Learning Experience

The series is particularly beneficial for learners who are navigating bilingual environments. It showcases how Spanish and English coexist in everyday life, making it an ideal resource for understanding code-switching and the integration of two languages in communication. The show's setting in the fashion industry adds an interesting dimension to your learning, introducing you to specific vocabulary related to this field.

Actionable Step: Notice how characters switch between Spanish and English. Observe the context in which certain languages are preferred and how cultural identities influence language use. This practice will enhance your ability to switch languages seamlessly, a valuable skill in multilingual settings.


Netflix isn’t just for entertainment; it's a versatile tool for language learning. By watching content in your target language, engaging actively, and understanding cultural nuances, you can make substantial strides in your language mastery journey. Remember, the key is to enjoy the process as much as the progress.

So, grab your remote, choose a show, and embark on an immersive language learning adventure!

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