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Welcome to Lingua Academy

Digital marketing courses that teach language education providers how to get more students, increase sales and grow their brand

A Beginners Guide to Online Advertising

This course introduces language educators to the key concepts of online advertising and its importance in marketing.

A Beginners Guide to Copywriting

This course introduces educators to the principles of copy writing for language education professionals.

A Beginners Guide to Content Marketing

This course teaches language educators how to develop a winning content strategy and explore the available tools to create and track content.

A Beginners Guide to SEO

This course covers key concepts, such as keyword research, content optimisation, link building, and more.

A Beginners Guide to Email Marketing

This course covers topics such as setting up an email list, crafting effective email campaigns, and analysing results.

A Beginners Guide to Social Media Marketing

This course teaches educators how to create an effective presence on digital platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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